Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Direction to Gua Chalet

Gua Longhouse Chalet is situated near the main road of the new coastal Miri-Bintulu road. To reach there, there are a few options:
1. By bus number 13 to Kampong Bakam. This bus is from the bus station behind Park Hotel or opposit Tamu Muhibah;
2. By car, drive along the coastal Miri-Bintulu road.
3. Call for a personal pickup
4. Taxi
As you travel from Miri to the chalet, you will come across the following main landmarks just before the Chalet.
SK Kampong Bakam, Miri, on the left.
200 meter further on the right is Tamu Kampong Bakam.
Another 200 meter further down the road on the left, the Gua Longhouse Chalet ...
... signboard is display prominently.

Gua Longhouse Management

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