Sunday, October 25, 2009


Welcome to Gua Longhouse Chalet blog.
Gua Longhouse Chalet was built with a dream... a dream to bring tradition nearer to you in an atmosphere which is modern and yet authentic! A dream to bring comfort living in a traditional setting.
Perhaps, it also provide a perfect venue for those once longhouse folks to rekindle the humble memories of longhouse dwelling.
The chalet was set in an environment which is surrounded by greenery...
... complete with a choice of footpath that is tar sealed ...
... or traditional jungle footpath littered with dry leaves.
The jungle has natural wild fruit trees which bring forth sweet aroma during the harvesting seasons...
It is surrounded with "jungle" which is well maintained. It gives all visitors an opportunity to enjoy the greenery, the quietness of the surrounding. Perhaps, the only sound are from natural chirping of birds and insect. It is truly a place to escape from the busy city life to enjoy nature. Perhaps spending a weekend fishing, bird watching or strolling the jungle to relax the exhausted mind and body.
Or alternatively, a clean stretch of beach is waiting for you to sweat yourself out with friends, colleagues or family members.
Or just to stretch yourself out to enjoy a perfect tan under the tropical sun.

Gua Longhouse Management

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