Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Facilities

At Gua Longhouse Chalet, we have two longhouses affectionately called Rumah Panjai Iban (Iban Long House) and Dampa They were designed and built to resemble the traditional longhouses but with modern facilities and comfort. In addition, we also have a "Tree House" built on elevated ground and on stilt and would appeal to those who like the experience of "living on tree".
This chalet was built with all the details of a traditional longhouse.
The "common area" of Dampa chalet. The walls are painted with traditional Iban painting.
All six rooms are equipped with comfortable queen size bed with attached bathroom, a ceiling fan...
... and a wardrobe.

Rumah Panjai Iban
This seven (7) room luxury chalet is equipped with individual air conditioner.
The main entrance is built to the exact details of a traditional Iban long house.
Upon entry to the long house, a wide and traditional ruai (communal veranda) greets you! This is where all longhouse communal activities happen! It was decorated wall-to-wall as if you have entered a longhouse in the ulu.
In this large communal veranda, you may hold various activities during your stay.
The communal veranda leads to individual "door" or room. Each room is equipped with comfortable queen size bed, attached bathroom and individual air-conditioner.
Outside the chalet, we specifically design the common rest area where you may enjoy a cup of cool drink, enjoy the nature, hearing the birds or insects singing their melody ...
Tree top chalet
The Maligai chalet is a single room facility with complete privacy to all the others.

The room is equipped with air conditioner and a comfortable queen size bed.
The dining area.
Food is never a problem at the chalet as it is equipped with a fully functional kitchen to cater for all your needs.

Gua Longhouse Management

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